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Shadow play

Siri Sofie Andreassen

Moodboard by Mariem Horchani

Today I slept inn and then I went to the IED lab where I spent the whole afternoon finishing up one of my exam projects. I had such a lazy weekend and it's so hard to start up again after a couple of days off... But my exams are quickly approaching so I better get back to work. I'm just happy we don't have any classes at the moment, so I have time both to study, do some blogging and work out. 

Last weekend me and Mariem went out together to do a still life shoot at Cimitero Monumentale and took some cool outfit photos at the same time. Can't wait to show them to you later this week. Anyway I just wanted to show you this moodboard that Mariem did a little while ago for her personal journal. On a grey Monday like this I figured we could need some inspiration!