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Desk Inspiration


Desk Inspiration

Siri Sofie Andreassen


As a full time student my desk space is pretty important. I spend a lot of time there both when working on school projects and with the blog. My desk here in Milan is a catastrophe hahah,  but ever since I moved into the apartment I'm living in now I've felt that it's only temporary. I'm moving out of here with my fav Swede as soon as the contract is over. Therefore it never seemed like a good use of time and money to fix up my desk space... but I'm really looking forward to when me and Mariem move into our own apartment where I can go all in with my crazy decoration plans! And I need to be prepared till then right ? Hopefully this little moodboard can inspire you to upgrade your work space too. It's so much easier to work in pretty and tidy surroundings!

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