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What 2016 should actually be about + FREE pdf download


What 2016 should actually be about + FREE pdf download

Siri Sofie Andreassen

Hi everyone! I'm back. The new year didn't really start out as I had planned.. After New Years Eve I had a couple of days at home with my family before coming back to Milan where I catched the flu upon arrival. I was struggling with pain in my lower back last year which is now starting to come back and school's been quite intense since I got here. Basically I've been shifting between working and laying in bed since I got here, without having the time to relax and get better and without having enough energy to do anything else than barely hanging up with all our school projects. To be honest I'm exhausted.. but luckily I've got good friends around me and our biggest projects are finished (even though I still have my oral exams now in February) so hopefully I'll be out of bed within a couple of days. All that's left to do is to sleep off my fever, eat ginger and try to treat my back, because as long as I'm like this I'm not able to keep up with everything. 

Internet flourish with fancy new years resolutions and motivational color coordinated photos that goes with them, but I think I can count on one hand how many I've seen that does not concern workout and a healthier lifestyle.. Well it's great trying to become a healthier person, but I don't really think that jogging once a day and drinking juice is what's gonna make 2016 a great year. For me 2015 was quite hard to get through because of my back pain and all the stress I felt related to my baccalaureate, and I think that both for me and a lot of other people out there that the most important task we have this year is to get rid of the "super(wo)man syndrome". We need to take one step back, and get comfortable with the thought that we can't do everything - at least not all at once. I don't think anyone is neither productive nor happy burning themselves out on a million different projects at the same time instead of concentrating (and doing a good job) on one thing at a time. Focusing on what is important will result in a feeling of accomplishment and give you more time to do whatever makes you feel good. It's about not letting insignificant things wear you out and spending a little more time doing things that make you relax and enjoy yourself. 

I've made a list of 10 things that make me relax and enjoy myself that I've hung up in my room. Nothing complicated, just a couple of things I can do in my everyday life that  makes me feel good. Most of it doesn't take a lot of time, is free and I usually find that it's easier to get back to work after giving myself a little "time out". It's all about changing some of the time I spend on stressing because I'm not doing anything productive ( yes I do that..) into something that gives me more energy. 

I hope you'll take some time to think about what makes you relax, and that you're able to prioritize some of those things on a daily basis. To help you on the way I've taken a photo of my own list that might give you some ideas and you can even download my list as an pdf; printable and ready to be scribbled on! Get it by clicking the button below and feel free to share your own tips to a relaxing everyday life in the comment field below.