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My first 6 weeks as a design student in Milan


My first 6 weeks as a design student in Milan

Siri Sofie Andreassen

So much has happened since I first came to Milan, I can't believe I've only / already been here for six weeks. Milan is such a beautiful city and there are so much happening here in the capital of fashion and design.  

IED is a great school and I love studying product design.  In the beginning we've had a lot of theoretical classes but now we've started working on projects which is super fun! And there are so many nice and interesting people in my class, I couldn't have been more satisfied. I'm living in an apartment close to school and the city center with four other girls, where one of them is one of the most amazing persons I've ever met. The bathroom logistics are a bit complicated sometimes but usually it's not a problem. And I've finally found a dance studio I'm happy with! I had my second class tonight, and it feels amazing to start up again.

I haven't had the time to go shopping yet (if you don't count my five new rulers, A3 paper and cardboard..)  but I can promise you there are more selection in this city than what a fashionista can possibly dream of. I've gone out with some friends a couple of times since I came here and have visited some pretty cool clubs ! I also got the chance to go to the MTV EMA after party. Another great thing here is the aperitivo: you pay 8-10 for a drink and get to eat as much you want from the buffet. It's pure genius. And I don't speak Italian yet.. But I guess it will work itself out after a while.