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When the rain stops falling..


When the rain stops falling..

Siri Sofie Andreassen

Trench coat - Zara / Pants - Filippa K / Top - Bik Bok / Bag - Lumi / Pumps - Yves de Beaumund / Umbrella - vintage

Hi everyone! I have a lot on my plate these days. School's going great, but there is a lot of work to do as we approach our first evaluations. I also have some exciting blog collaborations coming up that I'll tell you all about later, and I'm searching for a new dance studio which is much more difficult than what I thought it would be.. The days are passing fast in other words!

I actually took these photos back home in Norway. The weather is great here in Milan - it feels like we're in the middle of August! But for those rainy days it's great to have a nice umbrella. I found this one hidden in a closet at home and I just love the vintage feel to it! These pants are also amazing. They make an outfit instantly more classy, don't you think ? 


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