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Inspiration book


Inspiration book

Fie Andreassen

I'm quite a collector. Inspiration is everywhere and I believe it's a shame to let it pass us by. It comes in numerous forms and sizes: things you see, sounds you hear, people, feelings... That's why I continuously try to keep my eyes and ears open, and most importantly find a way to capture anything that might come handy on a grey day. My notebook is always with me and Pinterest is my best friend. As a long time loyal Costume reader I figured it was just too bad to store away all the magazines for "that one day" I would re-read them, so I started with my magazines from 2007 and worked my way forward by cutting out whatever inspired me. After reaching a notable pile of cut-out pages I started going through them and after a though selection I picked out my favorite images, organized them by theme and created my very own "magazine". It took a long time but a hundred magazines is now down to one inspiration book, giving me a lot of extra storing space in my bedroom and the occasion to look through my favorite photos from time to time whitout spending hours looking for them.