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Portfolio, problems and planes and stuff

Fie Andreassen

At this very moment I'm sitting at my hotel room in Toulouse. I came here late Saturday evening after flying in from Nice where I had a school interview and since then I've been busy eating out and going to museums with the other norwegian girls from my school. Lately I've had some back problems keeping me at home and preventing me from taking my mock exams.. As I've been in a lot of pain I haven't really felt like blogging. Now I'm starting to feel better though and I'll try to get my blog posting up to normal pace. I'll stay in Toulouse until Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I have a couple of interviews as well and Sunday one of my best friends are coming to visit me in Lyon !

The photo is taken by

GONES Photographies

for my portfolio. The dress is made by me and the pumps are from Yves de Beaumund