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New Years Eve

Fie Andreassen

Happy New Year ! I hope you all had a nice celebration and are ready for 2015. May it bring out the best in you! I spent New Years Eve with family and friends. At the beginning of the evening we had our annual family dinner before I went up to Sarah to drink wine and watch the fire works with my best friends. I think we were about 12 over there before going out clubbing. Anyway, I had a great evening/night! The best of it being spending it with my family and these two babes.

I meant to post this yesterday but as I spent the whole morning sleeping in and the rest of the day preparing my portfolio and packing my suitcase I simply didn't have the time... Now I'm sitting at the airport in Munich waiting for my next flight. I can't believe how fast the holidays have passed. I'm preparing a summary of my favorite outfits from 2014 and will post it on the blog this evening. Next time you hear from me I'm in Lyon!