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The big bag problem

Fie Andreassen

I don't know about you, but I need to buy a new bag. Not because I don't have any bags, but because I don't have any suitable bags. We're in middle of September which means that most of us have started up again after the summer. School and work awaits, meaning you probably need to take with you a bit more than your phone and lipgloss when going out your front door in the morning. This means you need a big bag. The only problem is: you want a bag that has enough room for your computer and A4 sized paper, but that is pretty enough for you to want to spend money on it. Let's face it: neither you nor I want to be seen outside with an "only-practical" thing over our shoulder. I've spent some hours searching for the perfect everyday bag, and decided to show you some of my best finds. Great finish, plenty of space. Now the only thing left is to decide is which one to click home. Any favorites ?

1. Valentino / 2. Kate Spade / 3. Edisac / 4. Studio Moda / 5. La Redoute / 6. Zara / 7. Markberg / 8. 3rd Floor / 9. Poverty Flats by rian / 10. Nini Ricci / 11. 3rd Floor / 12. Mackage / 13. Nina Ricci / 14. Vince Camuto / 15. Givenchy / 16. Zara / 17. Decadent