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Paisley for Summer

Fie Andreassen

Scarf - Silkroute / Sunglasses - NLY Accessories / Shirt - Issue 1.3 / Shorts - Levi's / Bag - Vintage / Heels - Zara

Love this summer look. Normally I don't tie scarfs around my head as I usually let my hair live its own life, but I decided to make an exeption for my turquoise paisley silk scarf. It's simply too pretty to be hidden at home in my closet (and I'm not wearing anything around my neck when it's 30°C outside). Plus; the color is perfect with my pilot sunglasses!

Wednesday I finished my written french exam, and next Friday I'll be passing my orals and dancing at my studios summer show. This means I'll be reading and dancing untill then. But no worries! I was out taking photos two days ago and have some projects coming up, so my blogposts will keep on coming. Thinking about bringing my school books to the park and study outside untill my dance rehersals this evening. Only one week left before I'm on vacation!