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My favorite things

Fie Andreassen

I love passing my Sunday mornings with a good cup of coffee, looking through blogs and stumbling over new information and inspiration. There's so much creativity and beauty in this world, documented on the internet, that it's simply impossible to see it all. I've been reading the blog A Beautiful Mess for a while, which is a blog filled with inspiration, DIYs, recipes, beautiful photos and well written posts. I love reading the "A few of my favorite things" posts they do, so while giving them all credit for the idea, I thought I'd start to do the same. From now on I'll be making a little list of my favorite things each week and put it together to a post each Sunday. It will include everything from web pages to photos, interviews, products, ideas, trends, music... Whatever I find interesting and worthy of sharing. How long I'll be doing this depends entirely on your feed back. Please let me know what you think about the idea, and whether you'd like me to continue with the posts or not.

Sooo, here we go. My first "my favorite things" post:

1. The A Beautiful Mess blog. A perfect mix of everything.
2. Greek Yoghurt. What did I eat before I started eating this ? It works with anything. You probably agree after trying one of theese: Quinoa, greek yogurt & fruits / Sprouted Granola with yogurt, blueberry sauce & fresh fruit / Greek yogurt: 4 ways / Mango ginger smoothie

3.The Tiny Collection from Fashionology and 4. A perfect all-white outfit.

5. Gallery walls

Other things I love this week:

  • This cute video of Jeanne Damas
  • Orange tulips
  • This article. I don't think I'll try the "tequila diet" myself, but I did have a lot of fun reading about when Leandra and her journalist in crime Amelia tried it out. 

Photos: 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.