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Fie Andreassen

I'm so sorry I haven't made a blogpost in what seem like an eternity. Just two days after I came back to France after the christmas holidays my computer crashed. I tried to fix it myself (with some help from my dad over the phone) for about two weeks before I understood the battle was lost and I seeked some proffesional help. It took a while though, as my computer was set in norwegian, but they managed to fix it. I got it back yesterday and have since then been trying to reinstall my old programs and get this thing back to it organized self.

Anyway, now everything is back to normal on the blog. I hope you've gotten a good start on 2014. I won't be posting a recap from 2013 as I first had planned as I think it's a bit late when we've reached February, but I have plenty of posts for you though! I don't have the license to Photoshop C.S.5. down here, so I'll have to settle with an older version of Elements for a while. Just give me some hours to get used to it, and the next post will be out in no time!

Hope to see you back on the blog later tonight. Kisses.