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Coffee break

Fie Andreassen

This week has been ridiculously busy.. I've had a lot of tests at school, which means that I've been studying non-stop (with exeption of my dance classes of course!). Yesterday I had a mock exam in French. Happy about being finished, I went into the centre of Lyon with some friends to take a well deserved coffee break. 

As you can see I got the hang on PS Elements after a while. As I had some time to spare I desided to try something new. What do you think? Do you like the photo set-up or do you prefer how I've been doing it in my old posts? Well, now I'm heading over to meet some friends of mine for a glass of wine. Talk to you later!

Jacket and sunglasses - Mexx / Knit (bought oversized, L) - Bik Bok / Jeans - Levis / Boots - Koah / Bag - In Wear / Ring - Arts&Crafts