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Marché de la Mode Vintage

Fie Andreassen

This weekend is the first Marché de la Mode Vintage edition hiver - which means the first winter edition of the annual vintage fashion market held in Lyon. I was there last spring, where I bought my red Dr.Martens, a pair of patent leather shoes and some rings. The market was smaller than the spring edition, with less interior and collector items, but instead loaded with winter coats, furs and jackets. 

I went with Claire, Charlotte and Denis. We had so much fun - and none of us went home empty-handed, haha. Already looking forward to the spring edition next year!  After spending x hours at the vintage market (I have no idea how long time we spent in there..) I went with Denis to Confluence where we got some dinner and where I finally got to buy a pair of shoes I've been obsessing about for a couple of months now. I'll show you what I got myself at Marché de la Mode Vintage and my new shoes in the next post! I promise to hurry up.