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Back to basics

Fie Andreassen

So yesterday was one of those Sundays. You know, the type of Sunday when you'd rather stay in bed all day reading magazines and drinking tea. Luckily - no matter how pyjama-ish my day feels like - there's always something I can wear thanks to my little jeans and shirt collection. This beautiful Armani-shirt was hidden in my dads old closet. I'm so happy I found it! It's by far one of my favorites.

So when I found out that I needed to get some air, I called up a friend, put this on and were ready to go. Not a single piece of jewlery. (Yeah, weird huh? I felt a bit naked..). But then again, when you have orange shoes, who needs accessories ?

Anyway I had a nice relaxing weekend, and I hope you had the same. Pumped for another week?

Shirt - Armani / Jeans - Bik Bok / Shoes - Felmini

Merci mon Denis pour les photos!