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Where's Yves?

Fie Andreassen

I went out shopping with Henriette a couple of days ago. After a lot of work both at the appartment and at school we decided to give ourselves a little treat. I've been drooling over a spesific pair of shoes since I saw them online in July and I just couldn't leave them after I'd tried them on. I'll post some pictures of them later!

I'm wearing my new favorite sweater (which I bought at Bik Bok just before I came down to Lyon), old ripped-up jeans, a big shopping bag from Eternel and a pair of flat shoes I found at "Marché de la mode vintage" last spring. The ear cuff is from Gina Tricot, came in pair and was supposed to sit at the bottom of the ear. I modified it. Acctually I've been dreaming about this one, but the price is a bit too stiff for a student budget.. I'm quite satisfied with the one I ended up with though.


Sweater - Bik Bok / Ear cuff - Gina Tricot / Watch - Michel Kors / Bag -Eternel