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Casual but cool

Fie Andreassen

I hadn't really planned on posting this look when I went outside last night to take some pictures. In fact we had great weather yesterday, so I wore denim shorts and strap sandals the whole day as I drank icecoffee and strolled along the port with some good friends. When I came home though, I jumped in to my most comfy pair of pants. As I just wanted a close-up for my "first" post I didn't bother to change back so I put on my favorite pair of Jeffrey Campbell moccasins and went out. When I came back and looked through the photos, I noticed that the blazer with baggy pants combo wasn't so bad after all. Soooo I decided to post it. I don't have any good detail-photos of my accessories though, so you'll just have to settle with the blurry one underneat. 

I found the sunglasses in a tiny shop when I was in Prague, the necklace is an old pendant I found laying around and the rings are selfmade.

Blazer - Sandwich / Top - Zara / Pants - Oysho / Moccasins - Jeffrey Campbell